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Kyushu Oita Beautiful Yufuin Floral Village: Fukuoka Travel blog

Have You heard of Yufuin Floral Village before?

What is Yufuin Floral Village ?

If you are planning to Kyushu Trip, You should consider yufuin as top priority.

Among many tourist attractions in yufuin, I would highly recommend Yufuin Floral Village , Oita Prefecture.
(You can refer to the information about Oita Prefecture from these websites.)

There are many places to visit around Yufuin.
Maybe, You’ve heard about Yufuin Onsen before, One of the best place to enjoy onsen.

But today, I am going to introduce Yufuin Floral Village to you guys.
It’s like a small town which can see from fairy tale.

Like you can see above the pictures, Yufuin Floral Village is filled with a congenical atmosphere.
In a word, If You are interested in cute things which is representative as japanese things, You must go this place.

Here is the rabbit’s house.
As a joke, You may find every kinds of rabbits from there lol
There is a small building decorated well. It was so interesting looking at all interiors and rabbits.

Not limited to harmoniful feelings of these buildings, There are more shops you may like.

There is a shop you can buy souvenir, It’s called Yufuin Earth Market

Other than this market, There are lots of places you can find to buy something nice such as a snack, drinks, accessories

I saw many people taking pictures in front of this car.
Probably There is a photo zone, You should try to take pictures when you visit there 🙂

Here is another shop you can go, I didn’t visit there
But It seems that you can see owls in person.

Hope You like yufuin floral village. When I visited there, I felt It is nice place to go with someone who you love 🙂
I wish you have fun and my article is useful for everyone who read it !

If You are planning to go to yufuin right after you arrive at fukuoka airport, then this link will help you to find out how to get there by bus.