Japan Trip: How to Get to Wonderful Yufuin from Fukuoka Airport

How to Get to Yufuin from Fukuoka airport

Japan Trip: How to Get to Wonderful Yufuin from Fukuoka Airport

How Can We Get to Yufuin ?

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Today, I will talk about the way how to get to wonderful yufuin from Fukuoka airport.

I just came back from Fukuoka.  First place I visited was Yufuin, It’s called “Town of Onsen”
Because of its popularity, Yufuin is always crowded with many tourists.

To go to destination, Bus is the best way to arrive at.
Once You arrive at Fukuoka airport, You can find the information center which is located right side of the entrance of airport.

Then,  You can buy a bus ticket in person or If You reserve a ticket , Reservation receipt can change into a bus ticket.


(This is a highway bus reservation website)
You can reserve a bus ticket from here.

Even If you can’t speak Japanese, The staff can speak English well. You don’t need to worry about the language matter.

After You get a bus ticket, Go find the waiting line heading to Yufuin.
It’s easy to find the place where the bus waiting line is.
Right after You passed the exit of airport, You will see the street (above the picture)

It will take about 2hours to arrive at destination.


When You arrive at destination, You can find bus terminal.
Don’t forget the exact location. When You go back to Fukuoka, You will take a bus from there.

(In addition, from this bus terminal, You can go airport or hakata, tenjin)

Here are tips for travelers.
1. Shop is closed so early (Mostly 5:30 pm)
2. 5pm for last bus from yufuin to fukuoka
3. Wake up early as much as you can
(Store is open early as well)
4. I recommend Kinrinko lake the most

Thank you for reading my post, Enjoy the trip !