Yufuin Kinsho Croquettes: Best Foods In Yufuin

Yufuin Kinsho Croquettes

Yufuin Kinsho Croquettes: Best Foods In Yufuin

Why Yufuin Kinsho Croquettes is the best street food ?

Yufuin Kinsho Croquettes

There are many street foods You can find When You hang around Yufuin.
Among many delicious foods, I am going to introduce yufuin kinsho croquettes to you.

This is a kinsho croquettes. There were a contest to win the best croquettes in japan.
This yufuin kinsho croquettes wins the prize, Kinsho means a gold medal, It says This is the best taste croquettes in japan 🙂

When I was making a plan of yufuin trip, I also found out the information about it.
I also wondererd how delicious it is. Because I read about many positive reviews of it.
Besides, It’s located near Yufuin Floral Village.
Therefore, I thought It was good place to stop by

These are tastes you can try
Prices are 160 yen, I think It’s a really reasonable price.

Original ( A gold medal )
A potato
Crab cream 

I’ve tried original, cheese, a potato.
Among these tastes, Original one was the best. I could see why it is called a gold medal Lol

Yufuin Kinsho Croquettes

Like You can see these pictures, Outside looks crunchy . On the contrary, Inside was so soft and nutty.

Overall, It taste like a very soft port cutlet.
I can say it’s a snack version of pork cutlet 🙂

In general, I satisfied with croquettes.

Because of the reasonable price and amazing taste,
I highly recommend this one.

In addition, It’s already famous foods from japan.
Many tv shows already stopped by at yufuin kinsho croquettes.

Yufuin Kinsho Croquettes is located near Yufuin Floral Village.

Beautiful Yufuin Floral Village Kyushu Oita : Fukuoka Travel blog

( Refer to the information about yufuin floral village.)

Other than this shop, You can find out a variety of street foods. I did tasted lots of street foods as well.

Step by step, I’ll introduce them to you !

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Lastly, Here is a website you can refer to yufuin more.